Top 12 Things to do While You’re Waiting at the Airport

Check out our list of 12 things to do while you’re waiting at the airport. These tips could score your free WiFi and money!

Waiting long hours in an airport can be very dull. This is especially true when you have a delayed flight and are stuck inside the terminal with nothing to do.

So whether you’re waiting long hours in an international or domestic airport, here is a list of the top 12 things you can do to get comfortable or kill some time while you wait.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first

(Or skip down to point 9 and the BONUS tips, which could earn you some extra cash):

1. Restaurant or bars

An obvious one, but there’s likely a lot of restaurants and food about the airport. Take some time to relax and eat or drink. In some airports, they also offer discount voucher booklets for select food and drink places – so keep an eye out for these as you may save a few dollars!

2. Explore the duty-free

Large international airports always have lots to explore and buy and best of all it’s tax free. Time for a shopping spree!

Duty free shopping

3. Plan your trip ahead

Not sure what you’re going to do in the country you’re about to visit? Have you worked out how to get to your accommodation from the airport? Downloaded google maps for the area?

Now’s the chance to sit and plan what you’re going to do and see.

Maybe we have some tips for you to help you out. Check out some the places we’ve visited for things to do, and tips and tricks to help you out.

4. Game of cards

Whether you’re outgoing and can talk to strangers, or you’re travelling with someone, a game of cards to kill time is never a bad idea. If you don’t have a deck, you can always buy one for pretty cheap at the newsagencies about the airport.

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

5. Get a massage

Feeling a bit stressed, and need to relax. Why not grab a massage somewhere. There’s often massage shops around the airport or if you’re looking for a cheaper option, even massage chairs to sit back and relax.

6. Watch people

Gabby and I love observing people, their traits, actions and stuff going on. It can be sometimes a bit rude, but when you have hours to kill and only people around you to entertain you, it’s hard to not start creating fun backstories for those around you.

7. Read a book or listen to a podcast

If you have a book with you, have a read.

You can check out the local book shops around the airport.

Or you can download the Kindle app on your phone to read or listen to podcasts.

8. Charge your devices

The great thing about modern airports is they now have a lot of spots around for you sit down and charge your devices. Look around for power points and USB ports to make sure you have enough power to last the flight.

Now for some of the things, you may not have thought of!

9. Join the local airport WiFi – For free!

Hear me out! Joining the WiFi be may obvious, but I have a couple of tricks for you to get a better and longer connection. Most airports have a free, but often limited, WiFi connection, but are some tricks to get around this.

Option 1 – Boingo:

If you have a Boingo membership, you’ll likely find your free WiFi quite easily, if it’s available. You can download the Boingo app on your phones app store (iOS or Android).

Tip: Sign up to 28 Degrees mastercard and receive a free subscription to Boingo. The best part about 28 degrees is it charges no international transaction fees and offers great conversion rates, so is perfect for travelling.

Option 2 – the Wi-Fi MAC hack trick

A nice trick, if you’re computer is already connected to a time capped free WiFi, is to fool the network with a different MAC address. 

You can download this tool for Windows,

You can try this one for MAC,

You’ll need to log back in each time, but these tools will fool the network into thinking a new computer has connected, allowing you to have unlimited free WiFi while you’re relaxing at the airport.

Option 3 – Crowd source Free WiFi password tracker

A hit and miss sometimes, but this is an opportunity for some free WiFi, no tricks needed. This crowd source project aims to provide free passwords for airports around the world. Just search for your airport, and hope the passwords are there for you to use.

You can also check out more about this crowd source project here.

Check out the map here.

10. Hang out at a club lounge

Club lounges, although usually for members, often have a paid entry service, anywhere from $50USD and upwards. Inside is a buffet of free food, alcohol, and usually a better WiFi connection.

If you’re a club member for select airlines or credit cards, you’ll likely have a couple of free club passes up your sleeve (For example, AMEX or Virgin Credit cards). Check your memberships and credit card terms and conditions, and explore if you get any free lounge passes up your sleeve – you won’t regret it!

Tip: Check your credit cards for this perk early, ideally before your departure day as some banks will need time to process and send out your lounge pass.

11. Find a comfortable place to catch up on some sleep

There is this fantastic website we found, that shares where all of the best sleeping spots are at select airports. 

  • Click the link below, 
  • type in the airport you’re at, 
  • and find a place to get a bit of shut-eye.

This saved our life after a 4:30am flight with 7 hour layover in Rome!

12. Games on your smartphone

Smartphones are the new potable consoles of 2019! Every month, new phones come out, with more features and more power than the last one. As they continue to improve, so does the quality of video games that are available on them.

Coming soon, we’ll share all of the best free and paid co-op games you can play to kill time. In the mean time, open up your app store, and type coop games for some choices, using your free WiFi connection of course.

BONUS tips for your next airport trip!

If you’re flying Singapore Airlines and are transiting through Singapore Airport, this one is for you!

If you are flying with Singapore airlines and are transitting through Singapore Airport, you are actually eligible for a $20 voucher to use at the Singapore Duty Free stores.

You can’t use this to buy food at the food courts, but you can look to get delicious snacks at the stores around the duty free shops. Or, perhaps it’s an additional discount for that nice bottle of liquor or piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing.

Flight delays in Europe, could mean you are eligible for some extra cash!

If you are flying within the EU, which means you are departing from an EU country and arriving in an EU country, and your flight is delayed by 3 hours (from you scheduled arrival), you are eligible to be subsidised by up to 600 Euros (depending on delay time and flight distance). Yes, you read this right.

So, for example, if your flight from Spain to Greece, has been held up and you arrive 3 hours and 1 second late, you can claim compensation.

This is one of the EU’s best kept secrets!

Check out some of the details, to see if you’re eligible to claim compensation; here.

The form to complete, if you were delayed is here.

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