What Type Of Traveller Are We?

– By Gabby Lee-Sinclair –

We’ve often found the hardest part about researching itineraries and reading other people’s commentary on places they’ve visited and travel recommendations, is knowing what kind of traveller they are and if we have similar interests, expectations and budgets.

Below is to help give you a flavour of what type of traveller Chris and I are:

Chrabbytravels sitting above Machu Picchu, Peru
Sitting above Machu Picchu, Peru


Although we would love to spend months exploring a single country, the reality is, our bucket list is long and our time to see it all not endless.

We don’t try to do it all, but rather pick our ‘must see’ cities/sites within a country which usually means we’ll spend on average 2 – 3.5 weeks per country.


We have a budget we need to stick to, but gone are our backpacking days!

We always have private rooms (sometimes with shared bathrooms), and our preference is for lower – midrange Airbnb’s or 3-star hotels when we travel. We do splurge on more luxurious accommodation in the form of more delightful Airbnb’s every so often 😊

AirBnb, Iguazu Falls, Brazil
One of our nicer AirBnb’s, Iguazu Falls, Brazil


Like many others on a budget, we try to find the cheapest option and are happy to take public transport around.
We do however, weigh up our time against cost, and if it saves us a considerable amount of time or effort for not too much more money, we’ll pay the extra.


We love free activities as much as the next person (hello walking tours!), but alas we have found often things in life (and travel) are not always free.

We budget for activities in every country we visit, and while we don’t do activities just for the sake of it, we pick and choose those we are genuinely interested in. Often, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and what’s the point of travelling all that way to only see it from the outside?

Quarry Trail hike, Peru, Machu Picchu
Quarry Trail hike, Peru


We really enjoy the outdoors. I would not describe ourselves as die-hard campers, although the occasional trip is very enjoyable, we do love going on nice hikes, especially when on holidays – even more so if the views are worth it!

We are both young and relatively fit professionals so generally seek the more ‘active’ option in most scenarios.

Inca Trail, Sucre, Bolivia


We are night people!
This means we love a good sleep in, but at the same time we know the value of “the early bird catches the worm”, so when it is worth it, we’ll be there bright and early!

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